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Your Adventurous Journey Awaits

Adventurous Journeys Spain can help you get the most out of your  next hiking holiday in Spain. We use specialists, located locally and with years of local knowledge to guide you on your path to making your Journey truly Adventurous here in Spain. We also specialise in supporting Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expeditions and our local experts hold DofE International Award qualifications.


Adventurous Journeys Spain will take your next hiking holiday or Duke of Edinburgh's Award experience to a new extreme.

Between us we have lifetimes of passion and knowledge for the mountains. We each learned our craft on the slopes of Britain's Lake District, Peak District, North Wales and Yorkshire Moors and later brought that passion to Spain where we each discovered the majesty and grandeur of the different regions and their Sierras and Picos.

All of us spend as much time as we can in the outdoors and are life-long campers, from ultra-light backpacking and wild camping to comfortable 'glamping' with our families. We welcome every chance we get to share our skills and experience and introduce new people to outdoor lifestyles. That's why we want to help others enjoy outdoor holidays here in Spain's stunning mountains

We are all full time educators, running DofE International Award programs in schools in Spain and we want to give you the chance to enjoy that same experience of your DofE expedition adventure.


We are a group of consultants providing support and advice to help you plan your bespoke, highly personalised hiking holiday or Duke of Edinburgh's Expedition here in Spain. We are not an External Activity Provider for DofE - we simply share our local knowledge and expertise to enable you to enjoy your next Adventurous Journey, for private hiking holidays or DofE, here in Spain.

We offer:

  • Locally based experts with DofE qualifications and experience

  • Bespoke holiday planning for adventurers, walkers, ramblers and hikers

  • A detailed, tailored guide to bringing Award Participants to Spain

  • All the information you need to make your Adventurous Journey, holiday or expedition successful

  • Recommendations for routes, maps, campsites, travel and accommodation

  • DofE International Award Journey Assessor provision where required



Spain's sunny climate makes the mountains accessible all year round.

Choose your stunning Adventurous Journey expedition destination and we can can start planning with you today...

We will facilitate the planning, preparation and execution of your hiking or walking holiday or your Bronze, Silver or Gold Practice and/or Qualifying expeditions here in Spain's beautiful mountain ranges. From route selection to accomodation, gear advice to travel times, weather insights and even choosing your DofE Aim.

We can also serve as your Adventurous Journey Assessor at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Whether it's your first overseas hiking holiday, your most adventurous trip yet, your initial Bronze Practice or your final Gold Qualifying Journey, let us help make it unforgettable in one of our dream destinations. 

Scroll down for more information on our destinations

Suitable for Bronze
Suitable for Silver
Suitable for Gold

Discover the Mediterranean's hidden gem. Escape the holiday resorts and explore the mountain range which covers Mallorca's north. With it's 54 peaks at over 1000m above sea level it will stun and delight. Gold? Why not take on the iconic GR221, the 'dry stone way' - one of Europe's most renowned, varied and beautiful multi-day hikes.

Sierra Nevada (meaning "mountain range covered in snow" in Spanish) is a mountain range in the region of Andalucia, in the province of Granada and, a little further, Málaga and Almería in Spain. It contains the highest point of continental Spain, the third highest in Europe

Suitable for Bronze
Suitable for Silver
Suitable for Gold
Suitable for Bronze
Suitable for Silver
Suitable for Gold

The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, located in the province of Cádiz, southern Spain, is a complex of mountain ranges. In addition to the dense forests of holm, cork and gall oaks, the Spanish fir (Abies Pinsapo) is an endangered species only found in this area of Europe.


The Torreón, at 1654m, is the tallest peak, providing breathtaking views of the provinces of Cadiz, Sevilla, Malaga and even Granada, including the Straights of Gibraltar, North Africa and the Sierra Nevada on a clear day.  Part of the GR7 stretches across this Sierra.




The Sierra de Aracena, with more than 600km of footpaths, is characterised by its large forests and temperate climate. In the holm and oak meadows in the lower areas Iberian pigs flourish. Pyrenean oak and chestnut trees, at higher altitude, and the riverside poplar, ash, willow and alder, exemplify its biodiversity. Mongoose, genets, otters, vultures, white tailed kites and storks can all be seen wild.


A section of the GR 48 'Smugglers Path' runs through this blissful, undiscovered area.

Suitable for Bronze
Suitable for Silver
Suitable for Bronze
Suitable for Silver



Situated two hours east of Madrid, this beautiful area is full of famous tourist traps, due to its unique geological formations, yet offers an escape into genuine wilderness along its historic GR66. At around 1500m above sea level, the changeable weather allows visitors to enjoy the best of all four seasons in the centre of the Iberian peninsula.



Do you have excellent local knowledge of the Southern Pyrenees? Are you a Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader or Adventurous Journey Supervisor? Want to join our team of local experts?


Get in touch

Suitable for Bronze
Suitable for Silver
Suitable for Gold
Suitable for Silver
Suitable for Gold





Do you have excellent local knowledge of the Picos de Europa? Are you a Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader or Adventurous Journey Supervisor? Want to join our team of local experts?


Get in touch

What can we do for you?

Why choose AJSpain for your

next trip?

  • Our local knowledge gives you first hand insight before you even book

  • We speak the language - as fluent speakers of English and Spanish we will be your link to local services and information.
    (Other translation services and languages available on request)


  • As experienced, qualified DofE International Award Leaders and Adventurous Journey Supervisors and Assessors, we ensure your journey meets all award criteria at Bronze, Silver or Gold level



What do we provide?

Our pre-journey information packages are tailored to your needs and include:

  • Detailed recommendations regarding routes, timings, maps and navigation

  • Handpicked suggestions for where to stay, from campsites to hostels, mountain lodges and even hotels for before and after your expedition

  • Weather and climate recommendations and reports

  • Gear guides, supply points and transport information


How do we support you?

Before, during and after your Adventurous Journey in Spain we give you:

  • Unlimited email support

  • In-location support services where required

  • Full IntAward AJ Supervisor and/or Assessor provision

  • Planning and evaluation paperwork approval and sign off for Online Record Book

  • Help choosing and fulfilling an appropriate Aim

  • An unforgettable experience!


We wanted an unforgettable AJ experience for our students but had no idea where to start. AJSpain made our DofE dream come true on the GR221 - stunning!

- Alan T,

Deputy Head


An experience I'll never forget. Thank you so much to AJSpain for helping me and my students achieve Gold in Mallorca for the Duke of Edinburgh Expedition.

- Amy K,

Head of PE,
International Award Leader


I can't recommend the professionals at AJSpain highly enough. Their local knowledge was invaluable in  helping my Bronze students achieve their dream trip.

- John O,

Science Teacher

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Your Adventurous Journey in Spain begins here. Want to know more? Fill in the form and we'll be in touch shortly...

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