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Getting Published - our Mallorca article for UK Hillwalking

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

You may have seen a few recent social media posts promoting an article we've had published on UK Hillwalking. OK, so not a few posts, a lot of posts. But we're proud of it! We see it as a compliment to our depth of local knowledge and expertise that such a publication would ask us to write a piece and then feature it in their destinations directory as a reference guide for all their readers. Thanks guys!

Right now the piece is headed towards one thousand reads (edit: well over one thousand!) so far. For those of you who haven't read it, yet (we know you will), the focus is on Mallorca's 1000m+ peaks. 54 of them to be precise. I know, surprising right? That renowned Mediterranean holiday island is home to 54 peaks higher than anything in England - some higher than anything in Britain! The article is a detailed testament to really getting to know our local mountains. Still not read it yet?

I had the pleasure of both researching (hiking lots!) and writing the article and have written about why hiking here inspires me and I've also included lots of information about how to get here, when to come, what to bring, maps and guidebooks, recommended peaks and interesting facts.

So, if you're been inspired to try a hiking holiday or DofE expedition here in Spain, take a look at some of the fantastic photos on our Instagram and then sit back with a nice cuppa and enjoy a read:


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